Dr. Julian Santana Uria
Isabel Lopez

Calle Maceo (anc. Gutiérrez) #425, e/Francisco J. Zerquera (Rosario) y Colon, face à la poste (Correos) à deux pas de la Casa de Tabaco Caracol (Maison du cigare). Tél. (41) 99-43-72 whatsapp +5352831265

Julian et Isabel louent deux chambres dans leur magnifique coloniale et exhibent une impressionante collection de meubles et de memorabilia de l'époque coloniale, dont deux sièges Tainos qui datent du 13e siècle, quelques tinajones (cruches) imposants, photos, lampes, chandeliers et un vaissellier cylindrique unique. Photos agrandies > ici <

Dr. Julian Santana Uria and wife Isabel Lopez
A superbly-appointed colonial in town centre, facing the Post Office and steps from Trinidad's cigar house. A kind, honest and generous soul, Julian a retired dentist is a photography buff and a true connoisseur of local history. His dad was a pro photographer during 60 years.

Isabel studied English in New York and has taught it here; porsupuesto (of course) she will have conversations in perfect English (or Spanish) with guests. The couple has collected an impressive collection of furniture and memorabilia, including two Taino chairs dating from the 13th century; photos, lamps and chandeliers abound, including a unique round glass case.

The guest quarters are upstairs through a narrow staircase which can be covered from upstairs for more privacy. There, you will first find a stiing room with its fridge, chairs and a view of the patio; other guest quarters may sometimes be rented : newly finished, they are in the back of the patio : one well-decorated modern bedroom and ensuite.

Next door, the large two-antique-bedded aircon room with an impressive black-tiled full bathroom.


Dr. Julian Santana Uria y Isabel Lopez
Frente al oficina del Correos de Cuba, calle Maceo, centro de la ciudad : une casa colonial excepcional con un elegante y confortable cuarto rentado arriba.

Una impresionante colección de muebles y objetos de la época colonial, dos taínos asientos que data del siglo 13, algunos tinajones, cuadros, lámparas, candelabros y un aparador cilíndrico. Fotos de gran formato aquí